Success Stories

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Below are just a few of our success stories at Math Enrichment. We had the pleasure of teaching each of these students in our program and these are the colleges they went on to attend.

Student NameHigh SchoolCurrent University
Audrey KohPiedmont HillsUC Berkeley
Samantha LuuPiedmont HillsUC Irvine
David Park Piedmont HillsUC San Diego
Sophia HanPiedmont Hills UC Berkeley
Lydia HanPiedmont Hills UC Berkeley
Isabel NguyenPiedmont HillsUC San Diego
Stanford YeePiedmont HillsUC San Diego
Lisa QuachIndependenceUC Davis
Kent TruongIndependenceUC San Diego
Dong NguyenIndependence Stanford
Nam NguyenIndependence UC Berkeley
Quoc-Anh NguyenIndependenceUC Davis
Whitney ThuongIndependenceUC San Diego
Bao NguyenIndependenceSanta Clara
Thao LeIndependence Pacific
Isabella RuiyantoroIndependence San Jose State
Hien HaIndependence Santa Clara University
Cecilia FranchiPresentationCarnegie Mellon
David DanningPioneerUC Davis
Michele NguyenPioneerUC San Diego
Ayaka DohiNotre DameGonzaga
Yuki DohiNotre DameCal Poly SLO
Stephanie Yu LelandUC Berkeley
Dexter TanLelandUSC
Teresa ChenMonte VistaUSC
David YeeMonte VistaHarvard

Parent’s Testimonials

Dan Park, parent of four Sierramont and Piedmont Hills High School

With four children, we have experienced the full spectrum of summer options in Santa Clara County. We now feel our children can have the best of both worlds at Math Enrichment, a quality summer education in a nurturing environment balance with extra activities on and o! campus

Charles and Sonni Cappellari, parent of Fischer Middle School

Led by first-rate educators and directors, Math Enrichment is a wonderful summer experience! As parents, my wife and I are delighted with the quality of instruction not only in terms of what our son is learning, but exposure to new material. We highly recommend Math Enrichment.

Jenny Erikson, parent Williams Elementary School

Having a background myself in education, my biggest concern was that a quality and a!ordable educational experience did not exist in San Jose. I was so relieved and pleased to find Math Enrichment. It is absolutely amazing to see my daughter who just turned six complete all of her math facts with the sheets provided by Math Enrichment.

John Boyd, parent Noble Elementary and Piedmont Middle School

Math Enrichment provides the most efective summer learning techniques my child has ever received.” They have the best service and most importantly price of any summer program my three children have attended. I called their o#ces at night and on the weekends and someone was there to answer all my questions. Thank you so much!

Michael Nguyen, parent of Silver Oak Elementary

I love this summer program and their 24-hour service. My son is treated respectfully and in turn likes and respects his teachers and teacher aides. The extra teachers in the classroom make a huge di!erence. It is a place you want to send your children

Dr. Julius Kim, parent of Faria Elementary School

As I reviewed the di!erent summer options for my children, I am convinced after one summer that Math Enrichment is the best choice. The summer program prepared my two children for their next grade level. The cost was the lowest I have ever paid for any summer program and most importantly they included all these wonderful materials my child continues to use today. What a great service Math Enrichment is providing to parents who want the best for their children.

Student’s Testimonials


Dong Nguyen, Independence High School | 2008

Math Enrichment helped me realize that learning is a lifelong effort. They gave me the confidence to succeed in advanced math classes because of the foundation built during my three years of attending. Without this program I know my dream of attending Stanford University would not have come true. Thanks for everything.

Audrey Koh, Piedmont Hills High School | 2009

I genuinely feel that if I had not attended Math Enrichment for three years, my future would not have been so bright. It truly prepared me for advanced math classes in high school. I now attend UC Berkeley.

Samantha Luu, Piedmont Hills High School | 2009

Math Enrichment provided a learning environment that made me feel comfortable and more of a leader. I attended ME during middle school for two years, which gave me an amazing foundation going into high school. I never moved up to a higher math class but without this foundation, I would not have gotten into a good college. I also don’t think I would have become ASB President. I now attend UC Irvine and major in Business

Sean Baker, Pioneer High School | 2012

I now take responsibility for my own learning. I earned a C+ taking Geometry over the summer but once school started the foundation learned at Math Enrichment helped me earn an A-. It was my “rst “A” earned in math.

Tyler Chase, Evergreen Valley High School | 2013

Math Enrichment helped me realize that learning is fun even during the summer. ME made the summer fun for my friends and me. The banquet was so much funat Dave and Busters.