Electrifying young minds

At Math Enrichment + More, we offer a wide range of activities this summer for our students entering Kindergarten to 8th Grade that aim to stimulate our student’s imagination and creativity, including Art, STEM, Financial Literacy, and Sports, as well as improving their math and language art skills. Our school activities provide a fun and dynamic environment for your children to thrive.

We aim to foster a well-rounded summer for our entering Kindergarten to 8th Grade students with fun and education that will help them grow and develop in all areas. WE CALL THIS EDUTAINMENT!! WE WANT TO EDUCATE AND ENTERTAIN YOUR CHILD THIS SUMMER! WE HOPE YOU WILL JOIN US!

NEW EXCITING ACTIVITIES for your children to enjoy this summer include the following:

Happy kids playing with constructor at kindergarten
  • Sports
  • Art
  • STEM
  • Financial Literacy
  • Outdoor play
  • Video Game Room
  • Great America
  • Pizza & Ice Cream Day
  • Movie Day
  • Dave & Buster’s
  • Raffle

New Exciting Activities for 2023

Sports ToolSports
a group of children doing some art stuffArt
Asian teenager doing robot arm project in houseSTEM
Teenager holding euro banknote putting it to piggyback, financial educationFinancial Literacy
a group of children playing outsideOutdoor Play
a group of children playing in the gameroomVideo Game Room
Ferris wheel and roller coaster, FranceGreat America
a group of children eating pizzaPizza/Ice Cream Day
Empty movie theater with red seatsMovie Day
Children sit at slot machines and have funDave and Busters
Raffle Ticket Word Enter Contest WinnerRaffle

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