Our Philosophy

Math Enrichment + More believes that all children have the right to a safe, positive environment in which they are respected as unique individuals and are challenged to achieve their full potential.
We also believe that children must become literate and articulate, mathematically competent, and technologically adept, and have the opportunity to develop their creative and physical talents and abilities.

We recognize our responsibility to generate enthusiasm and excitement for the summer by providing activities that are relevant, integrated, and age-appropriate. We believe that children will quite naturally expand their understanding and knowledge in a setting that cultivates an active, participatory approach. The ability to analyze, evaluate and employ critical thinking skills can only be developed when relevant life experiences require the consistent application of these skills. We believe that the responsibility to support, encourage and nurture each child is one we share as partners with parents and guardians. We recognize the need to create a summer program culture that is committed to excellence and responsive to individual patterns of growth and development.

Math Enrichment + More’s vision is based on preparing children to function effectively in the future; to think independently, critically, and creatively; to become collaborating members of daily activities; and most importantly, to become lifelong learners. We strive to create and maintain an atmosphere that fosters healthy emotional, intellectual, social, and physical growth of each student. We recognize mastery of basic skills as one of our primary goals. We acknowledge that we learn best in an environment of sharing, caring, laughing, questioning, risking, and growing. We want all students to live, grow and have fun!!

Our History

Math Enrichment + More is an independent summer program for students Entering Kindergarten through Grade 11. Math Enrichment + More was created in the summer of 2002 as a summer school to set a model for teaching practices in mathematics that would allow students to excel at their level while addressing individual learning styles. This could only be accomplished through a commitment to attract and enroll students from a diverse set of backgrounds.

In its first year, Math Enrichment + More opened its doors to 25 students in one Algebra Class. Today, we have grown to locations throughout the Bay Area and San Diego. We have extended our Summer English/Math Combo curriculum for students entering Kindergarten to 8th grade and will now include SPORTS, AGE APPROPRIATE FINANCIAL LITERACY, AND STEM ACTIVITIES. We will continue to have our middle and high school level UC Approved and WASC Accredited math and science courses.

Math Enrichment + More has assisted thousands of middle and high school students in obtaining a higher math-level placement. Students we have previously recommended for a higher math placement have over a 87% success rate of earning an “A or B” in their mathematics course during the upcoming school year. Our staff is proud of these accomplishments and plans for the same success this year. WE HOPE TO SEE YOU THIS SUMMER!!


Math Enrichment + More Summer Program is fully accredited by the Schools Commission of the Western Association of Schools and Colleges (WASC), the premier accreditation organization in the western United States. Math Enrichment + More is the only WASC accredited Kindergarten through the 11th-grade summer program in the entire Santa Clara County.

The accreditation process states a third-party review of the Math Enrichment + More Summer Program to ensure we meet rigorous California standards. The process is an engaged systemic, continuous improvement cycle that incorporates feedback from parents, students, and staff alike.

Accreditation certifies that the summer programs, services, staff, and facilities meet or exceed essential standards. Accreditation provides a process for Math Enrichment + More to manage ongoing change in a way designed to consistently improve the quality for the students, staff and parents.