Extra Activities

Obviously, the main goal at Math Enrichment is to provide each and every child with a rigorous, fulfilling scholastic experience. (For more details, see our Curriculum section.) However, all students who attend Math Enrichment will have the opportunity to participate in a wide variety of recreational activities planned throughout the summer.

Pizza and Ice Cream Days

This summer we will have a Pizza and Ice Cream Day. Please check the calendars for the dates. Your child DOES NOT need to bring lunch on these days.

They only need to bring money for a drink ($1). There is NO COST for the pizza and ice cream on these days.

Movie Day

This summer we will have one movie day on Friday, June 21st. On this day, elementary school students will spend the morning session in class and the afternoon session watching Monsters University at a local theater (AMC, Century, etc.) The middle and high school students will have additional movie choices.

The additional cost of this field trip will be $10.00, this includes ticket, transportation and insurance.

Field Trip

This year, our annual field trip will take place on Friday, July 12th at Great America theme park. Students from all of Math Enrichment's locations will get together for this fun-filled day. Students will arrive on site at 8:15 AM for 9:00AM departure and arrive at the park around 10:00AM. They will spend around 5 and a half hours of park time and then return around 5:30 PM. All students will be required to wear their Math Enrichment t-shirts during this trip.

The cost of this fun filled day will be $45.00. This includes park ticket, insurance, buffet lunch and transportation.


This summer we will have an on site carnival at all of our locations. On this day, students will spend the first two hours in class and the entire afternoon session will be the carnival. We will have Astro Jumps, Water Slides, Snow Cones, Cotton Candy, plus lunch will be provided. Please have your child bring a change of clothes and towel if he/she plans on riding the water slides.

The additional cost of the carnival is $15.00.

Dave & Busters

We wish to celebrate the hard work and numerous achievements of all our intelligent, diligent students with a festive celebration at Dave & Buster's at the Great Mall in Milpitas on Friday, July 26th from 9:00 AM to 12:30 PM. Math Enrichment has rented the entire Dave & Buster's facility for this joyous event. Though attendance is optional, do not let your child miss out on one last fun filled day with their peers and teachers. We will have a complete breakfast buffet and each person attending will receive a $12.00 power card to play games.

The additional cost of the banquet will be $25.00.

Math Enrichment Summer Program is accredited by Western Association of Schools and Colleges (WASC).